Manuel Molina

Flamenco Master

Manuel is one of the most respected and well known flamenco artists in Spain. He is a poet, a singer and a master guitarist.

In 1972, he and his wife, Dolores Montoya Rodriguez (“Lole,” born in Sevilla, 1954) started a flamenco duo that achieved enormous success in Spain and the rest of the world. The couple was the first flamenco couple ever to target an audience not familiar with flamenco, and are precursors of “nuevo flamenco” (New Flamenco).

Their first album was produced in 1975, with a title representative of Spain’s social realities at the time: “Nuevo dia” (New Day). The duo, characterized by certain hippie influences, was interested in musical experimentation, mixing Arabian music with lyrics taht talked about peace, love and flowers. After 1980, the couple started solo careers, and continued with concerts and new recordings.

Lole and Manuel’s music has appeared in several films, as in “Flamenco,” from Carlos Saura, or “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” by Quentin Taratino.

The daughter of their former marriage is Alba Molina, also an artist. Lole continues to make recordings of Andalusian music.

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