Heidegger and Technology

Heidegger's famous critique of technology is widely recognized as the most concrete and practically relevant dimension of his later thought. I have no desire to contest that view, for it is right as far as it goes. Indeed, much of my own work has sought to demonstrate the continuing relevance of Heidegger's ontotheological understanding of technology by defending his insightful views from the most formidable objections raised against them (by Andrew Feenberg and others) and by developing the important implications of his groundbreaking understanding of technology for the future of both higher education and environmentalism.! What I shall show here, however, is that Heidegger's widely celebrated understanding of technology also leads back to the very core of his later philosophical views. In fact, the insight and relevance of Heidegger's understanding of technology, which continues to impress so many, follow from some of the deepest, most mysterious and most difficult of his later ideas, ideas which still remain very little understood. Fortunately, the endeavour to understand, critically appropriate and apply the insights at the core of Heidegger's prescient philosophy of technology continues unabated. In order to help aid and inspire this important project here, I shall thus seek to illuminate some of the deeper and more mysterious philosophical views behind Heidegger's celebrated critique of technology.

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